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Gear & Tools. My Bliss Picks.

Gear & Tech Bliss Picks

I am regularly asked by colleagues and students about the tools and gear I use, so I've put together a list of my "Bliss Picks" – a list of my favorite things.

Apps & Software

  • 1Password: anyone who knows me can say for certain that I cannot remember passwords. This is my secret.

  • Alfred: my launcher of choice. Quickly pulls up files, apps, and other documents with one keyboard shortcut.

  • Asana: Collaborative task & project management - my OmniFocus for teams.

  • Bartender: organize all these apps in your Mac menu bar.

  • Fantastical: calendar app of choice on iOS and MacOS.

  • Mindnode: mind mapping with ease. Baseline of every project small or large.

  • OmniFocus: how I manage my daily life and keep all of the plates spinning. Been using this for years.

  • OmniOutliner: best outlining tool I have found, great for organizing thoughts and upcoming projects.

  • Overcast: my podcast player of choice. Love all of the additional features this app offers and syncs really well with Apple CarPlay.

  • Sanebox: my personal email assistant. Sorts the junk so I can focus on the important stuff.

  • Slack: My favorite team communication for iOS and Mac.

  • TextExpander: expands commonly used text via short keyboard shortcuts.

  • Transcribe!: extremely powerful and affordable digital audio editor. Used for looping passages and slowing down tempos in both transcription and practice.

  • Tweetbot: my preferred Twitter client.

Hardware for Tech

  • Apple: currently using (2) 27" iMacs (home + work), a MacBook Air, iPad Pro 12.9" (work) and iPad (personal), iPhone 7, and Apple Watch (Series 2).

  • Canon Wireless Laser Printer: reliable wireless laser printing. Currently using the MF220 in home office.

  • Logitech USB Presentation Remote: years of great experience using these. Had current version long enough it's not on their site and still works great.

  • Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanners: IX500 - one on my desk at home and at work.

Hardware for Home

  • Apple TV: preferred box for TV and works well with Apple family of devices.

  • Sonos: wireless speaker home sound system. Currently using the Connect and (2) Play:1 around the house.

Cases and Bags

  • Belkin Apple Pencil Carrying Case: great for keeping Apple Pencil accessories together and doubles as a stand on desk.

  • InCase iPhone Case: have owned these for every iPhone I've had. Love them and their other stuff. Backpack is awesome.

  • Jansport Backpack: oldie but a goodie. Used them in middle school and still loving my Watchtower. Bought it to get my family through DisneyWorld (has a great insulated food pouch) and now it is my every day bag.

  • SFBags Gear Pouch: love this pouch. Keeps my charging cables, usb drives, earbuds, and other accessories in one place in my bag. Also own their bags - incredible stuff.