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I’m a percussionist, conductor, professor, and collaborator living in Knoxville, TN.

Below, I share my creative journey as an artist, with a focus on intentionality, technology, and community.

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Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are great for helping us remember things, like where not to play on keyboard bars! This is one of my favorite low-tech tricks when working with students. Each time the mallet strikes the paper, it makes a crackle or a ticking sound that will immediately draw their attention to their playing area and the resonance of the bars, not to mention the visual disruption.

10 Reasons to Let Students Major in Music

I really enjoyed this Forbes article by Liz Ryan on the advantages high school students gain when majoring in music. Choosing a university and a degree program can be very tricky for parents and students, and often my meetings with high school visitors at the University of Tennessee surround some of the questions that are addressed.

In addition to Ryan's compelling list of reasons supporting a degree in music, I would also add two additional points (at least):

11. My music students become very good at managing their time and multiple responsibilities. With performances, exams, and other personal deadlines, the students learn how to keep all of the plates spinning and how to deliver in public arenas while doing so. 

12. Music students also learn to work with a wide variety of colleagues in close, collaborative environments, something we see in the professional world daily. Some of these colleagues are friends, and some...are not. Part of being a professional is learning how to work and communicate with a wide variety of individuals.

I found this article to summarize many of the important advocacy points for high school students who might be feeling pulled to a life in the arts after high school.

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