Hi Iā€™m Andy.

Iā€™m a percussionist, conductor, professor, and collaborator living in Knoxville, TN.

Below, I share my creative journey as an artist, with a focus on intentionality, technology, and community.

Ruler App


A recent late night date with Quickbooks had me going back and forth between a few PDF documents to reconcile an account. While the creative part of being a musician is great, having clean books is a necessity and I found myself having to tighten up a few groups of data. Thankfully I have a TV in my office and could monitor the MLB playoff race at the same time...

Some workflows on the computer are just not as easy as paper and pencil and using a ruler to keep your place while reconciling an account vs a statement is a trick as old as time. I remember my Dad doing it at his desk growing up, however it seems a little unnecessary to print everything in 2017 just to get this job done accurately and quickly. Enter this nifty Ruler App.

This handy ruler was a huge help with banking and could easily be used to keep your place on any kind of document where your eyes have to go back and forth often, even if in the same document. I can imagine it having uses in score study perhaps or while reviewing any information across a few locations. The colors are changeable, it can be multiplied to have more than one, and can be used vertically or horizontally. A nice little find for $2.

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