Rising Tide by Nina Young

I recently had the good fortune to collaborate with composer Nina Young at the 2017 Nief-Norf Summer Festival. We spent some time on various projects and heard 4 of her pieces in concert throughout the week, and I'm excited to share this recording of her piece for 7 musicians Rising Tide.

Nina and I with the "Rising Tide" ensemble at the 2017 Nief-Norf Summer Festival

Nina and I with the "Rising Tide" ensemble at the 2017 Nief-Norf Summer Festival

Thanks as always to my good friend and colleague Evan Chapman for his work on the video and audio, especially in such low concert lighting!

No End in Sight

The editor's note, by Matt McCue (@MattMcCueWriter) in this quarter's edition of 99U Magazine focused on an interview with architect Peter Marino and grabbed my attention. In a past interview, McCue discussed how Marino spoke about generating ideas:

When he first started out, he said it took him all week to come up with an idea, but now he thinks up 10 a day, easily. They just come to him. Impossible, I thought. It took all my effort to squeeze out a half-baked idea once every seven days.
However, years later I'm realizing there is truth to Marino's statement. Once you've pushed your brain to come up with hundreds of ideas, you do something to your mind. You unknowingly switch it to the "always on" mode and you can't help but observe everyday life through your creative lens...In the process the barrier between work and play disintegrates, because work becomes play.

McCue then refers to multiple creatives in their prime who are 65 years old and still pushing ahead with their creative endeavors, and I see the same in the music world.

It was a pleasant reminder that having more ideas to tackle than one can ever pursue in a lifetime is a privilege, and should not be a point of stress or pressure. I'm fortunate to live in a world with no punch-clock.

Andy Bliss
Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood by Michael Lewis

In a recent appearance on the Tim Ferriss show, Malcolm Gladwell made a mention of the story-telling prowess of Michael Lewis. He considered himself an amateur compared to Lewis, and I made particular note of this. I've read nearly all of Gladwell's books and enjoyed them thoroughly. In addition, Moneyball might be one of my all-time favorite reads, likely due to its fusion of baseball, mathematics, and the story-telling that Gladwell references. 

I picked up a few of Lewis' books recently and, while at the beach on vacation, knocked out Home Game in a couple of evenings. It had me laughing out loud regularly and it was a great get-away read. With a baby on the way in September, it was a timely choice.

Andy Bliss
New Music Gathering Keynote Remarks: Steven Schick

For those of us who were not able to attend the recent New Music Gathering event at Bowling Green State University, we are fortune to have the opening remarks by Keynote Speaker Steven Schick available, who spoke about the theme of support. The full transcript can be found here on my new favorite website, The Log Journal, the journal of NY's National Sawdust, edited by Steve Smith.

Andy Bliss